So Yamamori-sensei has confirmed that Hirunaka no Ryuusei is ending with chapter 78. I feel so freaking sad, honestly. I started reading this manga in March so it’s been 6 months already. I instantly fell in love with it, I just couldn’t help it! Maybe its story is not that original but I just felt really close to it and to every single character, especially Mamura. And what can I say about Mazume? In the past 6 months I wrote several posts about them (and Shishio) here on tumblr and now their story is coming to an end: it might be bitter, it might be sweet, but I can’t believe that I’m going to find out in 6 weeks only! And I’m going to miss them so much. Actually, I’m going to miss every single character, even the ones I can’t stand. Can people feel so close to fiction? Seems like they can. And I’m so grateful to Yamamori-sensei for giving me all of this. And I’m also thankful for the HnR fandom: I could find people that felt just as I felt about the story but also people that had different thoughts. There were arguments, of course, but to me they proved that we all cared about the story so much. So thank you to all of you, and especially to the people that provided translated information about the manga, you’re amazing!


i just want there to be an equivalent proportion of attractive guys in the real world as there are in animated shows okay

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